Annual Voter’s Meeting (Final Update)

Final update:
While printing copies for the meeting on Sunday, I realized that I had failed to upload the 2016 Proposed Budget for review.  I have fixed that and added the link below.  My apologies.  There are 10 copies of the packet, and 20 copies of the 2016 Budget in the back of the Sanctuary.  If you do not have a chance to print or review in advance, please pick them up as you enter the Sanctuary, or after service before heading downstairs.
There are 8 total docs to print!
Income Report
Treasurer Report
Parsonage Motion
<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/downloads/docs/2015_12/2016_Expense_Income%20Budget_LCF_10-2015 generic cialis 100mg.pdf’);” href=”” target=”_blank” data-cke-saved-href=””>2016 Budget
NE Synod Mission Partnership

They can all be found here: