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Annual Congregation Meeting

Sunday, December 4th @ 11:30am

A copy of the Agenda, Minutes (Semi-Annual on June 5, Special Meetings on September 18 and November 27), Officer and Committee Reports, 2017 Budget and Proposals up for vote will be made available through the following links. Please review them in advance, if possible, although a limited number of copies (~15) will be made available prior to Worship Service on Sunday morning.

Annual Congregation Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
    • June 5, 2016, Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting Minutes
    • September 18, 2016, Special Congregation Meeting Minutes
    • November 27, 2016, Special Congregation Meeting Minutes
  • President’s Report
  • Committee Reports
    • Christian Service/Outreach
    • Education
    • Parish Life
    • Property
    • Worship & Music

Supplemental Docs