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Congregation Semi-Annual Meeting Update

Thank you to everyone who was in attendance for the Semi-Annual meeting last Sunday. Particular thanks to Anissa G (Council Member At-Large) and Barbara M (Parish Life Chairperson) who each volunteered to fill open positions. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure anyone for the Nominating Committee for 2017, anyone interested or willing to serve LCF in this way, please contact David Miller (President) or any member of Council.

In addition, 2 Motions where brought forth for votes, and both passed:
1. Motion: To accept the following Identity Statement and Mission Slogan as proposed by the Transition Team and endorsed by the Congregation Council for the Lutheran Church of Framingham:

  • Identity Statement: “The Lutheran Church of Framingham is a faith-centered family committed to generous outreach and compassionate service.”
  • Mission Slogan: “Together in Compassionate Service”

2. Motion: The Congregational Council moves that the following proposal immediately be explored:

“Partner with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in sharing ministry activities – service projects, Christian education, staff (both Episcopal and Lutheran), building – while remaining as a Lutheran congregation teaching from both the Lutheran and Anglican heritages at the current Episcopal location.

If the above cannot be satisfactorily defined and approved at either a specially called meeting of the congregation, or, at the latest, by the regularly scheduled Annual Congregation meeting in December 2016, then the congregation shall again consider any potential changes, or newly presented alternatives before further deciding the fate of the Lutheran Church of Framingham as a congregation in the New England Synod of the ELCA.”