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Pastor’s Perspective (October 2015; Volume 4, Issue 10)

Approaching the conclusion of three weeks among you, I am finding many things to appreciate about you. I have met with about a quarter of you leaving me a little short of a pace to complete those visits by early November. The Council plans to appoint a Transition Team of 4-5 members on November 10. I want to know whom we are asking. So let’s get together if we have not already. Call me at 774-633-6747 or e-mail at for that appointment.

Did you know that adult education, not youth and Sunday School, is the best “Leading indicator” for future congregational vitality? Yes, youth and Sunday are also possible indicators but are not as closely linked. Therefore, I urge all to take part in one way or another. We offer three opportunities that I know of so far: the adult forum during the Sunday morning education hour (see the schedule of topics in a separate article), the 6:45 Wednesday evening study at Heritage studying the Gospel of Luke this fall, and “Living Well”, a special group, on two Thursdays per month. We are happy to add more if 4-5 folks can gather at the same time.

One of the things that has impressed me is your reputation as “the little church that could”. I see it every time I turn around. LCF is an over-achieving congregation in many ways. Of course, there are other ways, some urgent, where we find room for improvement. Your Council and committees are working on them. Your prayers are requested in supporting them.

Please feel welcome to let me know how I might be helpful. Even though I do not have regular office hours, I am “on call”. I look forward to hearing from you.

Pastor Ed Sproul, Intentional Interim Pastor

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