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Transition Update and Welcome Message (September 2015; Volume 4, Issue 9)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your general support and understanding over these past 2 months. Near the end of July, I had the pleasure of meeting with Pastor Ed Sproul along with fellow Council members, Darlene C. and Lowell M. We discussed his background, and how he has fulfilled this role at other churches in transition. We asked many questions and tried to get a feel for how he would “fit” with LCF. The overall feeling was positive and this input was brought to Council.

At the last Congregation Council meeting (on August 11th), Pastor Sproul was present and the Council had a period of time to ask further questions. We also reviewed the covenant and salary requirements in detail. Analysis for 2015 showed that the NE Synod guidelines for a part-time (2/3rds) pastor could be met within $1,000 of our current years budget, due in large part to the lack of pastoral expenses for the month of August. Further review of 2016 showed that LCF would see an increase in required budget of approximately $18,000 over our current budget. This was discussed to great length, and after careful consideration by Council, it was voted to enter into a Covenant with Pastor Ed Sproul to serve as LCF’s Intentional Interim Pastor. Part of our work this fall will be looking at how to best address this increase, and keeping an open mind that we may need to utilize reserve funds currently held at Thrivent to make up the difference.

We still have a lot of work to do to acknowledge our history, articulate our identity, facilitate leadership transitions, connect in new ways and transition to new patterns ministry, but this is the first step in that direction. Below you will see an introduction from Pastor Sproul, and also included in this Newsletter is a copy of his resume and our covenant. I ask everyone to keep LCF in your prayers, and to focus on moving forward!

Together in Christ,
David Miller, LCF President

A warm hello to friends, many new and a few of longer standing, as we begin a new relationship at LCF. I am looking forward to being a part the mission and ministry here for the next year or so. I have many more questions than answers, but that is good for I love questions. Ask yours and we’ll see where they lead.

For beginnings, my first official day as your intentional interim pastor will be September 8, a day which ends with a meeting of the Congregation Council. My first Sunday leading worship will be September 13. I presume Christian Education at various levels resumes about then as well. The first week or two will see me trying to meet with committees, or at least their chairs, and other key leaders to help me get my calendar established and mutual expectations explored. Also I will see any with specific pastoral care needs. The first month or two will be the time for meeting with every family willing to do so.

Once I have met everyone, we can appoint a special transition team to advise me and work with me on whatever we decide to do to help LCF gain greater clarity on its identity, mission, and ministry priorities. This team will also function as my mutual ministry committee.

Lacking other instructions, I am eager to join you in growing the relationships with the Lord, with the community, with the church organization, and with those who participate. It is an exciting time to be the Lord’s Church!

Pastor Ed Sproul, Interim Pastor

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