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Caution—Holy Experiment in Progress: Some Reflections on 2015 NE Synod Assembly (July 2015; Volume 4, Issue 7)

David Miller:

  • I came back with ideas about how to strengthen faith, congregation, and the wider church.
  • I was struck by the Keynote’s example of public confession of sin that led into corporate confession (Check out Molly’s new book “Standing Naked Before God: the Art of Public Confession”)
  • I attended two workshops (Forward Leadership Community & Holy Experiments) and learned a lot.

Shirley Koulopoulos:

  • I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to attend Synod Assembly as a voting member. It is so wonderful to experience the joy of being with so many Lutherans at a time when we experience so few in our everyday life.
  • Probably the biggest eye-opener for me was the fact that there are so many new congregations being formed here in New England. It makes our contribution to Synod so much more urgent.
  • One of the workshops I attended was “Inspired Innovation: Ecumenical Partnerships for the 21st Century”, which explained unique examples of “outside of the box” thinking that focuses on mission. Certainly this type of interdenominational collaboration is the church of the future.
  • I was pleased to see Rev. Britta Carlson and speak to her about her mission at Waltham, Boston and Lynn and to hear that Waltham has a 37% Hispanic population.
  • It was great to see the graduating class of the School of Lay Ministry.
  • A lovely surprise was a remembrance at the necrology of our Beloved Pastor Emeritus Andrew Finger.

Pastor Leslie:

  • Was excited to help welcome two new congregations (Grace, Naugatuck, CT and Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA) to the New England Synod.
  • Liked seeing so many great workshops and videos about experiments that have been tried around the synod and to start thinking about try some ourselves.
  • Attended workshop on rethinking Confirmation to be more relational and mission oriented and was part of the panel for the workshop on Mental Illness Ministries.

Videos of the assembly can be found at this link.

Bishop Hazelwood’s Review of Synod Assembly can be found at this link.

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