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How to Share your Faith without it being Awkward (January 2015; Volume 4, Issue 1)

I recently read an article with the above title, and it got me thinking…

Many churches have evangelism committees and people hesitate to serve on them because they say they are “not good at talking about their faith” or think that it is solely the pastor’s job to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. However, both could not be further from the truth.

It is absolutely not JUST the pastor’s job to talk about God and faith. In the Gospel of Mark, it is very clear that Jesus sends the disciples out to teach, heal, etc. BEFORE they even understand what it means for him to be the messiah. They come back all excited because they could even cast out demons, and no seminary degree or complete understanding for the Bible was a prerequisite. (see Mark 6:6-13 & 30)

The disciples are also proof that there is really no being good or bad at sharing your faith either. It is true that someone can be awkward when they try to talk about God, but some people are uncomfortable talking to strangers no matter what the topic. Others can be outright scary – yelling simply about repentance, hellfire, and brimstone, forgetting about the GOOD news. You do not always have to get it 100% theologically correct – Peter didn’t (compare Mark 8:29 to 32-33) – but I do think leaning on the side of grace and inclusivity is always the safe option since we do not fully know or understand God’s judgment.

And then there are the societal rules that say talking about religion is taboo, but the article offers these pieces of practical advise:

  1. Have an answer ready – be confident that Jesus loves you and willing to share about it if people ask, be honest about your participation in the life of the church: “what did you do on Sunday?” “I went to church” can be the perfect opening for further conversation that the other person initiates, so be ready!
  2. Be Discerning of Time & Atmosphere – knowing when to share you prepared faith is just as important as having it ready. The writer suggests you “ask the Holy Spirit to give you a sensitivity of someone’s need to hear about your faith, for you to offer advice or when to simply speak truth.”
  3. Live with Love. Work with Excellence – “One of our best testimonies at work or out with friends is easy and effective: Love others, love God, work hard, and people will notice”…and maybe even ask one day why you live your life the way to do, so be sure you have #1 done!

My philosophy in my daily life is a bit of similar advise from St. Francis of Assisi: “preach the gospel always, and if necessary, use words.” God has equipped us all to spread God’s love in our own unique ways, so there is no reason to feel awkward doing it!

God Bless,
Pastor Leslie

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