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Synod Assembly (June 2014; Volume 3, Issue 6)

Each and every year, in early summer, Lutherans from across New England gather together for a couple of days—we call this Synod Assembly!

  • Why exactly do we send our pastor & two voting members each year?
  • What is the purpose of paying for their registration & hotel rooms?
  • Why does Synod Assembly matter?

This gathering is one of three expressions of our denomination—the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America—congregation, synod, church-wide. The synod is not just the Bishop & his staff, or the building in Worcester—it is each and everyone of us–we are the synod.

In the ELCA, our authority structure is not top-down (like Catholics) or bottom-up (like Congregationalists)—we are bottom-up/top-down. Members of congregations make decisions at Synod Assemblies across the country. Those are forwarded to the triennial Church-wide Assembly, where elected voting members from all the synods, make decisions. No decision is made without ample request and opportunity for input from congregational members. Although we have a Presiding Bishop, she does not make decisions or have the final word like the Pope.

This is why it is important for LCF to send voting members each year to the New England Synod Assembly! We are as much a part of the church as any other congregation. Our voice is wanted; our participation is needed.

The theme of this year’s assembly (June 5-7 in Springfield, MA) is “Mission & Worship in the Age of the Spirit.” The three days will be filled with synod business, important reports, information packed displays, spirit-filled worship, creative workshops, and lots of chances to meet, eat with, and get to know Lutherans from around New England!

This year, Darlene Colonna and Anne Spinner were elected as voting members for LCF. If you have any specific questions you would like them to ask during the assembly or information you want them to bring back…please let them know! They are not delegates—voting as the congregation wants—but are voting members—voting how their consciences tell them is best for the church. However, they are still your representatives!

Look for our reports back in the July Newsletter!

God Bless,
Pastor Leslie

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