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Deacon’s Message (November 2017)

Grace and peace to you in this month of thanksgiving!

I thank my God every time I remember you,
constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you.
Philippians 1:3-4

Time passes quickly, does it not? The month of November is a good reminder of that. One minute, we are enjoying the last days of summer—with blue skies, sunshine, and warm temperatures—and, the next minute, the leaves are changing color, the temperature is dropping, the wind is howling, and, suddenly, the trees are bare, their leaves piling up on the ground. Winter is coming.

November gives us opportunities to pause and to remember the passing of time in the context of our lives of faith. The month begins with All Saint’s Day, a day to remember and to give thanks for all God’s beloved people—the saints—especially, those who have died and passed on into God’s heavenly kingdom. Thanksgiving Day follows soon after that, giving us a day to remember and to give thanks for the many good things God has given us. Through the good days and the bad days, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, when life is calm and when life is changing all the time, God is with us, providing for us, holding us in love and grace.

This month marks the one year anniversary of the vote to call me to serve the Lutheran Church of Framingham as Deacon/Minister of Word and Service, as we partner together in mission and in ministry with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. I give thanks for our time together. I give thanks for the communities of faith in which God has called me to serve. I give thanks for each one of you.

to God be the glory!

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